Captains Newsletter: February

At last, the end of the long Covid-19 tunnel is in sight. With luck, we should be able to play golf again by Easter or possibly even late March. Therefore, it is now time to find your golf clubs and give them a clean and polish.

In a further sign of a return to a new normal. The Denbighshire Golfing Union (DGU) have announced the re-instatement of the Jubilee Plate and Inter-Club League competitions.

As a reminder, the Jubilee Plate is a pairs competition, for full (male) members on a knock-out basis with a maximum handicap of 24. The entrance fee remains the same at £10.00 per pair with the participating names to be submitted to the DGU by April 10th We would normally organise a qualifying competition, but present circumstances preclude this, so, we will simply forward a maximum of 15 pairs. Details on how to sign-up for this competition will be communicated via a BRS message in the near future.

The Inter-Club League comprises of teams of 8 pairs, again with handicap limit of 24. Irrespective of previous results and bearing in mind the Covid problem, the competition will be arranged on a regional basis of East and West of the County (5 in each group) with 4 matches of 2 home and 2 away. At present we would not envisage any meals after the matches. Again, details on how to sign-up for this league competition will be communicated in the near future.

The Club Council have continued to meet virtually during the various Covid lockdowns. Due to the exceptional circumstances, Council decided to ask current club officials to stay in post for a further term of office. Thankfully, all officers have agreed. In addition, we have a nomination for a new Ladies Vice-Captain in Julie Hamer-Price, proposed by Lady Captain, seconded by Marian Williams. Therefore, the only vacant post remains that of Honorary Club Secretary. Please contact me directly if you wish to be considered for this important position. These appointments, in normal circumstances, would be confirmed at the AGM scheduled for 27th March. Clearly the AGM will be delayed. Can I ask, if any member objects to what has been agreed by Council, they contact me directly outlining their objections?

Finally, I look forward to seeing you all back at Clays roaming the fairways in the very near future.

Stay safe.

Dave Palferman
Captain 2020/1