Local Rules

Additional COVID-19 Local Rules

In addition to our general local rules, we have added two COVID-19 rules for flagsticks and bunkers to ensure the safety of all golfers in social and competition rounds of golf.


Always leave the flag in the hole. DO NOT TOUCH THE FLAG. All of our cups are now fitted with a device to stop your ball from dropping to the bottom. If any part of your ball finishes below the surface of the putting green, it is considered as holed even if it is not lodged against the flagstick.


All bunker rakes have been removed from the golf course. You can take a preferred lie within 6 inches, no closer to the hole. Please smooth the sand over after you have played your shot using your feet or club.

Out of Bounds

Over all course boundaries. Left of the white posts on the 7th and 11th holes. Right of the white posts on the 10th and 18th holes. Over the bank of the driving range on the 18th hole. In social golf only, a ball may be dropped on the fairway at the point where the ball crossed the out of bounds, for a two shot penalty.

Marker Posts

Out of bounds and penalty area marker posts cannot be removed at any time.

Immovable Obstructions & Abnormal Course Conditions

Free relief can be taken from penalty area marker posts; out of bounds posts not applicable to the hole in play; pathways; artificial surfaces; seats; hole information boards; rubbish bins; ball washers; distance markers and plates; power poles and stay wires; saplings with rabbit guards; tracks or depressions caused by a vehicle; mole hills; animal scrapes or casual water.

Penalty Areas

Ponds, ditches and areas marked with red posts or line marker. If your ball comes to rest, or is lost in a penalty area, a ball may be dropped for a one shot penalty, in accordance with rule 17.

Drop Zones

If your ball comes to rest on the pathways adjacent to the 2nd, 5th or 17th holes, you have the option to play the ball as it lies, take free relief, no nearer the hole, or drop in the Drop Zone. 

Blue Staked Areas

Any area or bunker marked with a blue stake is deemed Ground Under Repair. You can take free relief, no nearer the hole.

Lost Ball

In social golf only, a ball may be dropped on the fairway where the ball is estimated to be lost, for a two shot penalty.

Overhead Power Lines

If your ball hits an overhead power line, the stroke is cancelled and a ball must be dropped (or teed up, if played from the tee) and played from the point where the previous stroke was made.

Embedded Balls & Green Aeration Holes

If your ball is embedded anywhere on the course you can take free relief, no nearer the hole, except where you can’t make a swing, for example – under a bush or tree. A ball coming to rest in an aeration hole on the green may be moved one ball diameter, no nearer the hole.