Last Updated: Saturday 30th May

COVID-19 Updates

First and foremost, the safety and well-being of our staff and you the golfer is always our number one priority. We are currently undertaking strict social distancing measures as well as booking restrictions until we receive further instructions from Wales Golf or the Welsh Government.

The following guidelines will come into effect as of Monday 1st June 2020.

Permitted Groupings

The following groupings for members are allowed when playing golf and when travel is ‘local’:

One Balls

  • Individuals playing golf on their own.

Two balls:

  • Two players from one household
  • Two players from different households

Three balls:

  • Three players from one household
  • Two players from one household with one from another household

Four balls:

  • We are not yet permitting four balls to keep up the pace of play.

The following groupings for visitors are allowed when playing golf and when travel is ‘local’:

One Balls

  • Individuals playing golf on their own.

Two balls:

  • Two players from one household.
  • Two players from different households.

What is considered as local? As a general rule, for most people anything within about five miles of your home is considered local.’

  • Tee times are spaced 10 minutes apart.
  • The Clubhouse and Toilet Facilities will remain CLOSED.
  • All practice facilities will remain CLOSED. Including Indoor and Outdoor Putting Green, Driving Range and Short Game Area.
  • Trolleys, buggies, club and shoe hire will be unavailable. However you can use your own buggy or trolleys.

Opening Times

The Golf Reception will be open from 9am – 6pm everyday of the week. 

Members Bookings

Members can book tee times between the hours of 7am & 6pm and will have priority on bookings from 7am – 11am every day.

Members must book a tee time using the BRS app, online or alternatively by the calling our Golf Team on 01978 661406. 

Members Booking

Visitor Bookings & Pre Payment

Visitors can book tee times between the hours of 11am – 6pm.

Visitors can book a tee time by calling our Golf Team on 01978 661406. Pre payment is required.

General Booking Advice

Anyone who meets the below criteria should consider the Government guidance before they make a booking. 

  • Anyone over the age of 70.
  • People of other high risk or vulnerable groups.

Anyone who meets the below criteria should not visit or make a booking at all.

  • Anyone feeling unwell or showing symptoms of COVID-19.
  • People that live in England.
  • People who do not live locally.

Social Distancing Guidelines

Prior To Your Round

  • Please only arrive 10 minutes prior to your tee time and change your shoes in the car park.
  • Check in for your round at the Golf Reception. If you require to speak to a member of staff, call us on 01978 661406 ext 1.
  • Enter the golf course using the Social Distancing route.
  • Scorecards will be unavailable. There is a number of scorecard apps on a smartphone you can download to record your score.

Whilst On the Golf Course

  • Use social distancing (2 metres rule) on the tees, greens and throughout the golf course.
  • Always leave the flag in the hole. DO NOT TOUCH THE FLAG.
  • All cups will be lifted one ball above ground level. If your ball hits the cup, it’s classed as holed.
  • All bunker rakes will be removed from the course. You can take a preferred lie in the bunker. Please smooth sand after using with feet or club.
  • All golf ball cleaners will be unavailable. Golfers are advised to wipe their own golf balls on their towel.
  • Golfers should only pick their own ball up.
  • Do not share any equipment, such as golf clubs or rangefinders
  • Don’t shake hands before or after your game.

For emergencies whilst out on the golf course please dial 999.

After Your Round

  • The shoe cleaner will be unavailable.
  • Please follow the Social Distancing route back to the car park.
  • No gathering to take place after the round, once the round has been completed please leave the golf club.


As mentioned we will be following all advice from Wales Golf and the Welsh Government to ensure our guidelines and measures are kept up to date. If things do change which they are more than likely to, please frequently visit this page for updated advice.

We urge all golfers to comply with the guidelines outlined above in a responsible manner and use as much common sense where possible.

If we are found to be in breach of these guidelines then it could lead to Welsh Government introducing measures that force golf courses to close.

Stay safe, play safe.

Clays Golf