Casual Rounds

Supplementary scores has now been replaced by Causal Rounds. Casual Rounds can be entered for every casual round played in a singles format when the golf course is qualifying.

How to submit your Casual Rounds

Via Howdidido

You can enter your Casual Rounds via the Howdidido app on your smartphone.

Before your round

Oopen the Howdidido app > Go the Menu > Choose Today’s Golf > Sign In > Choose Casual Round and Sign > Select the course you wish to play on > Select score type Strokeplay or Stableford and Sign In.

On completion of your Casual Round

Open the Howdidido app > Go the Menu > Choose Score Entry > Choose Casual Round and Enter Scores > Select your Marker > Enter your scores for each hole > Click on finish > Check the summary and click Confirm to complete your Casual Round entry.

Via Email

For those without a smartphone, you can also submit your scores via email

Men send to –
Ladies send to –