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Captains Newsletter: November 2021

News, much like the snow last weekend, is thin on the ground. Those members who have played golf post storm Arwen will have noticed some parts of the course have been re-modelled. Various trees have been severely damaged or blown over by the high winds. So, we say goodbye to the tree on the left of the 17th fairway, unfortunately the tree overhanging the right side of the 15th fairway sustained damage but on the wrong side! It will take Mark and his team of greenkeepers a couple of weeks to clear up the resultant mess, so please give them priority at all times.

Your club council have been busy doing the tasks that were put on the back burner until the end of the golf season. The main task occupying council currently is the update of the Club Constitution. The update was initiated in by the introduction of the World Handicap System (WHS). Thanks to members Irwin Elkin and Steve Monk for their work updating the documents competition table to ensure compliance with WHS guidance. Council is currently working their way through the main body of the document to ensure the various sections are relevant and up to date. The final draft of the updated document will be made available to members for comment at least one month before the next club annual general meeting scheduled for Saturday 26th March.

Looking forward, December brings a number of important events. The seniors section AGM is on Tuesday 7th. The required notices have been posted on the seniors section notice board. The Denbighshire Golfing Union (DGU) AGM will take place at Denbigh Golf Club on Wednesday 8th. Will members who have been invited to attend to collect DGU trophies please do your best to attend. Your vice-captain Don, will collect any unclaimed trophies awarded to members of our golf club. If you have not already done so, get your tickets from Hayley for the club Xmas party (soul night) on Saturday 11th. The seniors Xmas party takes place on Tuesday 14th. If you are in the clubhouse on this day, warning: beware somersaulting seniors!

Enjoy your Xmas parties and stay safe.

Dave Palferman