Captains Newsletter: January

Welcome to my first newsletter of 2021. I sincerely hope you all enjoyed what was a rather strange festive period. Unfortunately, we start the new year much as we finished the last one, in lockdown. But let us be positive, golf is underway on the European, PGA & LPGA Tours, so at least those with Sky Sports can watch golf from planet Bombit. A drive of 350 yards, a 140-yard wedge and a putt. It’s golf, but not as we know it Jim. Ok, beam me up Scotty…….

I know many members are essential workers, working hard through the lockdown and I thank you all for your respective efforts. For those members with more time on their hands, like me, why not get fit for the coming season. It will arrive eventually. There are lots of videos on YouTube demonstrating golf specific exercise routines. My own fitness routine is not specifically golf related but will hopefully help my general fitness. It includes cycling on a cycle trainer for a couple of hours a week, daily weight routines and some yoga exercises to alleviate back ache caused by too much sitting down. Walking the dog also features in the daily routine.

However, I don’t think taking a darling (wife’s edit) 17-year-old Yorkshire Terrier for a walk twice a day counts as exercise. The golf element is limited to the use of a ball returning putting machine. All I need now is a green with the same STIMP meter rating as my lounge carpet! The main purpose of my exercise routine is to counter the effects of an increased consumption of red wine during the lockdown(s).

The club calendar is now available via our club website. Can I encourage members to keep booking tees in advance to ensure you have a tee time when we finally get the go ahead to return to the fairways? I suspect when that time comes, tee times will be in short supply as they were when the first lockdown was lifted.

Finally, based on the latest update from the Welsh government, it looks unlikely golf will resume until March. The only consolation, with the current period of wet weather, it is unlikely our course would be open.

Stay safe.

Dave Palferman
Captain 2020/1