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Captains Newsletter: December 2021

It is the time of year to say thanks to various people who have contributed to another successful year at our golf club. Firstly, I would like to thank members of the Club Council, past and present, for giving up some of their spare time to ensure the smooth running of the members section. Similarly, thanks to the Seniors Committee who have been extremely active in managing the biggest section of our club. A special mention must go to Mike Healy, who as the senior kitty comp organiser, has gone that extra couple of miles.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Josh, Andy and Russ for the management of golf reception and BRS messages. Members appreciate it is not always easy to satisfy everyone all of the time, especially when adverse weather conditions result in course restrictions. We have certainly had some adverse weather in the past couple of weeks. So, thanks once again to Mark and his team for keeping the course playable.

I am pleased to report the seniors Christmas party passed without incident, mainly thanks to Haley. At the end of the event Hayley was on hand to prevent one inebriated member, no name mentioned, from summersaulting down the stairs. The said member was last seen cuddling the post at the top of the steps outside!

Hayley has been instrumental in organising social events at the club this festive season. We should all be grateful for the effort Haley puts in to organise these events. A new year’s resolution for all members; support social events at our club in 2022 and beyond!

The Alzheimer’s Society (Captains Charity) have asked me to pass on their thanks and Christmas wishes. We have raised well over a thousand pounds for the charity so far and hope to make a final donation at the end of my Captains year. Thanks to all members who have made a donation to this worthy cause.

Finally, have a great festive period and I look forward to seeing you all on the golf course in 2022.

Dave Palferman

Captain 2021