Booking a tee time

Before booking your tee time, please ensure you read our COVID-19 booking procedure below.

Members Bookings

Members can book a tee time online by simply clicking the link below.

Visitor Bookings & Pre Payment

Visitors can book a tee time by calling our golf team on 01978 661406. Online booking for visitors is currently unavailable. Prepayment is required over the phone to secure your tee time.

Permitted Groupings

We are now permitting three balls and four balls from different households to play.

Prior To Your Round
  • Check in for your round at the golf reception located at the front of the clubhouse.
  • Scorecards are now available. There is a number of scorecard apps on a smartphone you can also download to record your score.
Whilst On the Golf Course
  • Ensure you are social distancing with your playing partners and other golfers throughout the golf course.
  • Always leave the flag in the hole. DO NOT TOUCH THE FLAG.
  • All of our cups are now fitted with a device to retrieve your ball from the cup. Once your ball is holed. Simply lift up the ball retriever using your putter and your ball will come out.
  • All bunker rakes have been removed from the golf course. You can take a preferred lie within 6 inches, no closer to the hole. Please smooth the sand over after you have played your shot using your feet or club.
  • All golf ball cleaners will be unavailable. Golfers are advised to wipe their own golf balls on their towel.
  • Only pick your own ball up.
  • Do not share any equipment, such as golf clubs or rangefinders.
  • Don’t shake hands before or after your game.
For emergencies whilst out on the golf course please dial 999.
After Your Round
  • The shoe cleaner will be unavailable.