Captain’s Report

Club President, Past Captains, Past and Current Officers and Member of Clays Golf Club.

In light of the current unprecedented circumstances, which follow one of the wettest winters on record, it is easy to forget that 2019 was actually a very successful year for Clays Golf Club.

During 2019, every aspect of the club was developed, from increased membership numbers, the enhancements to the clubhouse, the excellent catering and bar services, the practice and coaching facilities and, particularly, to the quality of the golf course. None of this happened by accident and these improvements could only come about as a result of continued support and investment by the club owners, Mr and Mrs Lewis, for which we are very grateful, and a great deal of hard work from a large numbers of people.

One of the most heartening aspects of my year as Captain has been to witness how everyone has worked together in the best interests of our club. I must thank Josh and his team of Russ and Andy for everything that they have done in running the business and helping it to continue to grow since the dark days of a couple of years ago. Apart from the considerable investment in, and development of, the course, we have seen the driving range refurbished, the clubhouse redecorated and the coaching rooms refitted. In general, the whole ‘feel’ of the place has been improved and I would just like to thank one more person regarding this. Chris, our Immediate Past Captain, has done a huge amount of work since his year in office ended, both out on the course but particularly around the clubhouse and I very much appreciate all of his efforts on our behalf. Having said that, please don’t hold your breaths whilst you wait for our next Immediate Past Captain to pick up a paintbrush, spanner or screwdriver!

The organisation of the other aspects of being a member of our golf club doesn’t happen on its own. I would like to thank sincerely all of the members of the Club Council for their support of me during the past twelve months and also for the great deal of work that goes on ‘behind the scenes’ in order to make your membership of Clays as rewarding and enjoyable as possible. I would also like to thank the members who have agreed to have their names put forwarded for nomination on to the Club Council for the coming year and I wish them well in their new roles. As I said earlier, this work can’t be done without people who are willing to put themselves out for the good of our club and for you, our members.

There is one aspect of our club that received universal praise during 2019 from both members and visitors alike and that is the condition of our course last season. A great deal of praise and thanks must go to Mark and his greenkeeping staff for all of the work that they have put in on our behalf, sometimes during and following extremely difficult weather. I know that they will continue to work hard to produce a course that we can all be proud of and enjoy playing and one to which we would relish inviting guests. The DGU County Captain’s Day was held at Clays in 2019 and it was very pleasing to hear the many compliments from the considerable number of visitors who took part regarding how the club and particularly the course have progressed.

I would like to thank Dawn, Lady Captain, for her help this year- and particularly for stepping in to hold the post for a second year – and also Gareth, our Club President. Gareth has done a huge amount for Clays Golf Club over many years and I have found his advice and guidance invaluable during my captaincy. Thank you Gareth.

Following our rounds, it has been great to have Hayley and Phil providing excellent catering facilities for us and Ben in the Fairway Golf shop has also provided significant support for us, including during particular events this year. I hope that members will appreciate the need for us to support them once the current extremely difficult situation eases.

I would like to congratulate individual members who were successful last season in Seniors Medals, Club Medals and Honours Board competitions and also those pairs and teams representing Clays GC who had successful runs in knockout competitions involving other clubs in the region and in the rest of Wales.

I have been absolutely overwhelmed by people’s response to our fund raising efforts this year and I am delighted to report that almost £6000 has been raised for our two charities – sponsorship of two Guide Dog puppies and for the Wrexham Prostate Cancer Support Group who have been looking to purchase a new cryotherapy machine for invasive prostate cancer treatment at the Maelor Hospital. The second of these was of course helped by the money raised by Russ for his “Big Dive” into the pond on the 7th on a memorable evening last Spring! We will be organising the presentation of the cheque to representatives of the support group as soon as it can be arranged. Many thanks to members, families and friends for their generosity.

I am delighted that Dave Palferman will be taking over as Club Captain for 2020/21. Dave is a highly regarded and greatly respected member of the club and I know that he will make an excellent Captain this year. He has been a great help to me over the past year and I very much appreciate his support. Best wishes, Dave, for a very successful year in office.

I would also like to pass on my best wishes to Christine Evans, Lady Captain for 20/21. Christine has been an excellent Honorary Treasurer for the club and I know that Dave and Christine will make a brilliant team.

Finally, a plea to all of our members. It may well be the case that you simply want to join a golf club in order to play and, perhaps, maintain a handicap and that you are not interested in having a particular responsibility within the club. However, please consider those people who do put themselves forward to carry out a role on your behalf and support both them and, crucially, the club in whatever way you can, perhaps by playing in special golfing events during the year or by attending social occasions, which also, of course, support Hayley and Phil.

Best wishes to everyone at Clays Golf Club for a successful, enjoyable and, never more important, healthy year of golf.

Nigel Davies

Club Captain

Lady Captains Report

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen , hope everyone is keeping well , and not going crazy with the lack of golf .

Firstly I’d like to thank Bill and Barbra for everything they do for us at the Golf Club .

Mark and all the Green Keepers thank you so much for doing a brilliant job , the course was fabulous over the summer months , even tho we’ve had a wet winter you’ve still managed to keep it going and looking good . Well done lads .

Hayley not only do you do amazing food but you’re so happy to be around , you always cheer me up. Whenever we’ve entertained teams they’ve always been so impressed by your cooking , well done Hayley.

Another big Thank you to Phil and Gaynor , always happy to see you , great service , cheers
And of course Josh , Russ and Andy , thank you for everything you do at Clays .

Mr Captain , you’ve done so much this year at Clays and raised an amazing amount of money for Prostate Cancer , your hard work really paid off . 👏

I would like to Thank Everyone who has supported me and helped me through the last 2 years .
I really love the way the Ladies (such a small group) has pulled together , thank you so much for entering the board competitions .
Julie Hamner Price did a fantastic job organising the Challenge Shield , it wasn’t always easy finding a full team but the Ladies pulled together and ended up finishing second , well done Ladies .
Thank you to Pauline Peacock for organising The Border Match , this season the host was Henlle Park . It was a lovely day and our Ladies did Clays proud and we won .
In the Ping we got all the way to the finals at Cottrel Park , we all played well and held Clays name up by coming third . Thank you Paul Williams for all your hard work in organising this , I know wasn’t easy but you did a great job .
For such a small Ladies section we seem to do very well . Thank you once again Ladies .

A Big Thank you to Christine Evans for all the hard work you put into the club , we really are very lucky to have you . I hope you have a fantastic Captaincy and I wish you all the best .

Finally , It’s been an honour to serve as Lady Captain . I hope the Club continues to do well and I look forward to seeing you all soon .

Kind Regards
Dawn x

President’s Address 2020 AGM.

Captain, Lady Captain fellow officers and member the start to 2020 has been somewhat difficult first all  the rain and now the worrying outbreak of the Coronavirus which why the council and I decided that the AGM will not be held this year for the safety everyone,

Firstly I would like to thank Nigel and Dawn for all there time and efforts in their year as captains and congratulate them for the amounts raised for their chosen charities this year which will be mention in their closing addresses and wish them all the very best in their golfing futures.

With regards to the elections of officers the Nominations Sheet was posted, and the following will take their rolls as unopposed due to no other nominees.

Club Captain.   Mr. Dave Palferman

Lady Captain.  Mrs. Christine Evans (2 years)

Men’s Vice Captain. Mr. Don Wraight (Captain elect)

Competitions Secretary. Mr. Paul Lloyd (2 years)

All other current officers continue under their position for a further year.

I would like to congratulate both Dave and Christine for becoming our captains for the coming year and wish them well and look forward to working with them in the next twelve months.

I would like to thank both Mr. & Mrs. Lewis for their continued investment in Clays Golf Club and all their staff, who have done some outstanding work over the last year both on the course and around the club house. I would also like to thank Hayley for all her efforts with her catering and efforts on social events along with both Phil and Gaynor on the bar.

Lastly please follow all the HMG guidelines during these testing times stay safe and after it’s all over and we can resume our hopefully normal way of life happy golfing.

A few words from your new Captain:

Well, as your new Captain, this is not the start I was planning to the golfing year 2020. At some point, hopefully in the near future, the current lock down in relation to Covid-19 will be lifted and we can return to golfing normality. As an when this happens, we will endeavour to complete the main competitions and events that were planned for this golfing year. In the meantime, please stay safe.

Dave Palferman

Captain 2020